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Use Ez Stain in place of heavy Chemical Stains like oil and acid based products. Keep your family, friends and pets away from the harsh chemical alternatives by using Ez Stain water based stain. Great for Concrete, Wood, other pourous surfaces.

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About Ez-Stain


EZ Stain is a superior quality water-based color stain,environmentally friendly product that is capable of staining in an array of colors (stock or custom), any porous non-sealed surface including concrete, wood, pottery or stucco. Surfaces treated with an application of EZ Stain change their appearances dramatically. EZ Stain adds value, and can be applied by DIY (do it yourself) or your contractor.

EZ Stain may be applied by brush, roller or sprayer . It can also be dipped, sponged, and poured. EZ Stain will cover 300 Square feet per gallon on an average depending on the surface and technique use d. EZ Stain is ultra violet light resistant and all the colors are intermixable.

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About Ez Stain

Ez Stain was developed in Southern California with one goal in mind...Provide an alternative to oil and acid based stains so we can all sleep a little better at night knowing our family, friends and pets are just a little safer. Ez Stain works great on concrete, wood and just about any other substrate you can use more toxic coatings... + read more

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Ez Stain is a high quality concentrated stain that can yeild amazing results when used properly. We invite you to browse through our tutorials, video training and reccommendations to learn proper technique and to ensure you've applied Ez Stain correctly. If you have any issues whatsoever with your purchase, please contact customer service and we will make sure your issue is resolved.

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