About EZ Stain

We created the following video to share our thoughts about EZ Stain and the values we hold closest. We hope you enjoy!

We are grateful that you are interested in learning more about EZ Stain products. We are very proud to share information with you regarding the thought put into our concrete stains and why we believe EZ Stain is the only way to when considering a stain for your property. The video above will help elaborate on our thoughts as well, but our product is a Zero VOC, Non Toxic, High Performance, Water Based Concrete Stain, available in many colors. Specially formulated and manufactured using cutting edge “green” technology, ingredients, and packaging.

We use 100% inert, non-toxic, natural and synthesized oxide pigments made from 60% recycled materials.

These pigments are then dispersed into water using our proprietary blend of 100% non toxic, inert agents/ingredients. We then blend them further with a very special nano-particulate, self cross-linking acrylic emulsion. This process produces EZ Stain liquid concentrate products.

Through time spent in the lab and very up to date chemistry, we are able to create and produce products that can now outperform the solvent-cosolvent, high VOC alternatives, without the health risks, damage to the environment, or ANY government regulation. EZ Stain Products are not regulated by the department of transportation or any other organization and can even be shipped by air!

EZ Stain Products are all shipped as Concentrates. This saves 70% of packaging materials and costs, and saves 60% of shipping weight and costs. Our concentrates save fuel and space wherever they go. EZ Stain’s ECO2 Technology™ multiplies the value of being ECO- logically and ECO-nomically friendly.

Eco2 Technology™ is quite simply the concern and care given to design, production, shipping, and use that characterizes all of our EZ Stain products!

To learn more about EZ Stain please feel free to reach out to us.

Made in USA