Why EZ Stain Concrete Stain?

The following concrete stain performance data describes the technology and the results to be expected when determining why EZ Stain concrete stain. Our products have been specially formulated using the latest technologies combining our proprietary blend of 100% acrylic self cross-linking, nano-polymer emulsions with natural and synthesized pigments utilizing cutting edge chemistry and blending processes we call Eco2 technology.

Because EZ Stain provides an excellent combination of properties for a wide range of horizontal and vertical masonry, wood and other porous applications, it has great exterior durability, and will adhere well, leading to long lasting, attractive concrete stain jobs. So, these can be used in either single or multiple transparent layers or in single or multiple opaque layers for all types of decorative and architectural design.

All of our products offer good early water resistance and fast dry times, providing faster application and fewer concerns for rain after application. Plus, contractors regularly report back that EZ Stain concrete stain is easier to apply and bonds incredibly well when used side by side with existing commercial water-based concrete stains.

An important factor that keeps our customers coming back again and again is that our concrete stains are guaranteed to be non-yellowing (unless of course that is the color you choose). Because EZ Stain is formulated to repair damaged and worn acid stain jobs, it also works well to repair and rejuvenate all colored concrete jobs. In addition, EZ Stain concrete stain is the perfect product to match new pours that need to be linked to existing acid stain jobs.

Now, let’s see some of EZ Stain concrete stain’s advantages:

    • Enhance / Protect Appearance.
    • No Application Restrictions Due to VOC Release / Odor.
    • Meets and Exceeds ALL Environmental Regulations.
    • Water-Borne & Odorless…………….Easy Application and Clean Up
    • Great Application flexibility …….Fast application and facility/property use.
    • Short Dry Time & Excellence Early Water Resistance.
    • Wet-on-Wet Application.
    • Simple to mix concentrates.
    • Easily customizable ratios.
    • Excellent exterior exposure / weathering
    • Excellent coverage /adhesion over acid stains
    • Can be applied to damp or wet concrete application
    • Can be used on high pH substrates (Hot concrete)
    • Chemical, Alkaline & efflorescence resistance
    • Non-yellowing