What Concrete Tools Do I Need?

Concrete Tools to Use During the Staining Process

The following concrete tools are not mandatory, but we wanted to be sure to capture any of the tools that are used frequently by our customers. This will cover any of the tools that are used from protecting yourself and nearby walls, scoring, cleaning, stain application and sealing. For a look at our products, please go to our Products page.

Prepping Tools

The prep tools that you want to use should be used to protect you and the surrounding area where the project will be taking place. You don’t want to get stain all over yourself or nearby walls and buildings.

TapePlastic CoverTarp
Proper ClothingShoesMask
GogglesGlovesClean Area
Scoring Tools

Scoring is cutting the concrete into interesting designs. One of the most common and best-looking features you can add prior to staining is scoring into diamond or other shapes to enhance the sophistication of the lines. Also, many people do this to alternate colors in interesting patterns. The following concrete tools will be needed to perform scoring.

Tape MeasurePencilChalk Line
Extension CordGrinder w/ Diamond BladeSquare and Straight Edge
Cleaning Tools

One of the most important aspects to having a high quality concrete result is on the cleaning prior to stain. It is often overlooked as a minor slow down in the process, but is actually a very important piece of successfully getting the look you want. In some cases, the concrete tools needed are expanded depending upon how contaminated the surface is. We have listed everything you should need below.

Water HoseSoapCleaner (Non-Toxic is ideal)
RagsBroom / VacuumScrub Brushes
ScrapersKnee PadsSander
Patching MaterialTrowelRubbing Stone
Staining Tools

There are many ways to apply stain to concrete that require vastly different concrete tools. So, we will include as many as we can think of so that you are not left without a couple of options. Remember to prep before this stage as there can be permanent damage if that is not done.

1 Gallon Pump SprayerBrush with HandlePaint Brush
BucketRagsCaution Tape
BroomsMopAmmonia (acid-based stains)
Sealing Tools

Concrete tools used during the sealing process include not just physical tools, but also requirements for a safe area around the project. Sealers must be applied to staining projects in order to protect the stain further. Although most stains are permanent, scuffing and chipping is possible when weather and traffic effect the area. So, to increase the lifespan of the concrete the sealing process is a must.

Paint RollerDrill and Stirring RodPaint Pan
Ventilated AreaSealer TintNo Open Flame