DIY Concrete Kit

After years of delivering high quality, sustainable concrete stain products, we were asked by some of our customer to create a DIY Concrete Kit. So, we have complied and built what we believe to be the most simple and safe DIY Concrete Kit available. We have included a non-toxic cleaner, a non-toxic stain, and a non-toxic sealer. With these products you are ready to conduct a concrete project on your own. The cleaners, stains and sealers can be selected depending upon the needs of your project. The surface area cleanliness and quality will significantly impact the result of the staining and the cleaner and stain must be selected depending upon those factors.

We are here to help determine which products would be best for individual projects if you have any further questions about how to select the products for the kits. Finally, if you are not sure how much volume you need of each product, please see our Product Page for further instructions. These kits are designed to be used by our customers that are not necessarily concrete professionals, but can also be used by contractors. If your project is large or small, you can simply select the color and then the size of products you need based on the surface area you are staining.

Concrete Stain Kits