Statue Stain

For many EZ Stain customers, concrete statue stain is needed for their projects or businesses. We have several regular customers that create beautiful sculptures as their primary business and whether it is a garden statue or water fountain, our products work well to protect them.

Because many of these statues are also outdoors, we have a large number of people that want to spruce up the look of their garden statue. Mildew, mold and other degradation can be common over time because of the direct placement in sometimes harsh conditions. So, cleaning staining and sealing becomes important for a new, fresh look.

Paint can be dangerous to use on these because of the high likelihood of chipping, peeling or bubbling. Statue stain is a much better solution in these cases. Our non-toxic, zero VOC products are safe for the statue, the environment, and people. And, we manufacture our products right here in the United States to produce jobs and reduce unnecessary shipping.

The first thing to do when starting the statue staining project is to clean it. Use a non-toxic cleaner to get all of the contamination off of the statue and if it is in very bad condition, you may need to add a little elbow grease and rub the dirt out of the concrete.

Next, you can apply the stain to the statue. Many times, we have customers who like to add shadowing effects to the statues by using two similar colors that vary in darkness. The darker colors are applied into the deeper crevices and the lighter on the entire statue. This is the fun part and creativity is key to bringing out a new look using the statue stain.

Finally, it is important to seal the stain after completion. This will help to protect it and the color should stay bright for a long time. You may want to lay down several coats in cases where there is direct influence from the elements.

If you still have questions about how to stain a concrete statue, please feel free to Contact Us.