Applying Patio Stain

Patio stain can take an outdoor area from a tired feeling area to a lively and exciting place to entertain with minimal time, effort and costs. Our products are all non-toxic and result in the high-quality guaranteed results. All you need is a weekend and maybe a friend to help speed things up. We will explain below everything you need to know about how to turn your patio into the elegant place you are imagining.


Before applying you patio stain you will need to do a few things to prep. First, make sure that you have goggles, gloves, long sleeve shits, pants and boots. If using products that have toxic chemicals, you will also want to be sure to wear protective respiratory masks as well. You need to get enough cleaner, stain and sealer to be able to cover the area that you are staining. Generally, our products are very simple to determine how much area you can cover. One gallon of cleaner or sealer is equal to one quart of stain concentrate and they will cover 300 sq/ft each. Remember to clear the area you will be working on and be prepared to use tape, tarps, plastic and other materials as needed.


The surface cleaning is one of the most important elements when applying patio stain that you want to maintain a quality finish. Remember that any stains or other contamination on the surface of the concrete will show through since the stain is translucent. Use a cleaner to remove all of these unwanted stains and dirt and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing off. If there is a need to apply more, you can add to tough spots. Also, the longer you leave the cleaner on, the better it will work until it dries. You may also need to scrub it if the stains are stubborn – different cleaners may be needed for oil and rust stains. Once it is dry, you can rinse it with water until all soap bubbles are gone.

Stain Application

Once the concrete on the patio is clean, make sure that all of the surrounding areas are protected from the stain – it is permanent! Ideally, you want to apply the stain outside of direct sunlight if possible. This allows enough time to spray the stain into the concrete and have time to use a paint brush in circular strokes to push the stain deeper into the concrete. Our recommended process includes two people so that one person is spraying the patio stain and the other is following behind with the brush. Don’t forget to test the stain in an inconspicuous area to make sure you have the right color. Let dry, check to see if another coat is warranted and you are finished with the application part.


After the patio stain has dried for 24 hours, you can begin the sealer process. This step is not used by everyone, unfortunately. If you choose not to seal the concrete you are willing to let the concrete fade prematurely. We have seen projects that were subject to the elements and high traffic that were not sealed and only lasted 6 months. You don’t want to spend your time on a result like that – it is harder to get the desired look a second time around. Also, the sealers bring out the colors in a much more vibrant way. You can apply it with a paint roller and we recommend at least two coats rolled in cross-patterns. Give the sealer some time to dry and your new patio is ready for your enjoyment!