How to Use Stone Stain

Whether you are moving into a new house with a natural stone exterior walkway, are trying to reinvigorate an existing interior fireplace, or want to add new stone features around a pool, EZ Stain stone stain will help you get the fresh look you are hoping for. The more porous the stone, the better the stain will be able to bond and the brighter and more full the effects will be. We recommend testing the stone in an inconspicuous place prior to applying it to an entire area to make sure it is receptive to the exact look you are attempting. Cleaning, staining and sealing are all required steps to ensure the highest quality result.


Before doing anything, it is important to put on all of the gear that will protect you during this project. jeans and a long-sleeve shirt, safety goggles, gloves and a dust mask are the recommended gear to prepared with. Then, you want to use a high-quality cleaner to remove all potential contaminants from the surface of the stone. Once the cleaner is applied using a brush, you want to scrub it to ensure there is no undesirable residue left on the stone. If you are working on a large project, a pressure washer may be useful. Then, let it dry thoroughly overnight.


The best way to apply the stone stain is by putting it into a plastic spray bottle or garden sprayer. By spraying small areas at a time, you can take a brush to work the stain into the stone as you go. Or, ideally, you can have someone else follow behind as you spray. The brushing needs to be done in circular motions to push it deep into the surface of the stone while maintaining a natural look.

You can apply darker colored stone stain into deep crevices and then coat the whole thing with a lighter color if you are looking to create variation on the stone. This is particularly beneficial with large, porous stone. If you stain it and decide you want darker, bolder coloring, you can apply another coat and that usually makes it pop even more.

Let the stain dry over night. If you are using an acid-based stain you will need to remove the residue that is built up during that time by adding a pH-neutralizer. With our water-based, non-toxic stains you will be able to skip this step. Rinse the stone thoroughly without scrubbing it and let dry again.


Once the color is exactly what you want, you will need to preserve that look by applying a sealer. Using a large paintbrush, you will need to paint the sealer onto the stone. If it is a larger project, you will want to use a paint sprayer. Many contractors also add another coat as the sealer is drying to prevent bubbling. After drying for about 24 hours, it should be ready for another coat. Let this dry for another 24 hours and you should be good to walk on it.