Wood Stain Surfaces

There are many wood stain surfaces to consider when deciding to start a staining project. Some of the most common projects that we have found are floors, doors, beams, walls, crafts, toys and furniture. In many of these cases, the natural wood was already pleasing to look at. But, when stain was applied to it the project brought the wood to new life where the grains becme more prominent, the wood matched the surrounding area, or bright colors made it stand out. Whatever the wood stain surface is and the reason for changing its look, we can help with the many EZ Stain color options.

Types of Wood Stain


Water-based wood stains do not have a strong odor that can be found in the oil-based stains. They also dry very quickly and will allow you to apply multiple coats and finish in the same day. Soap and water are the only required items for cleanup once the project is completed. Our stains have many more options than what the typical oil-based stains will offer. Finally, don’t forget that your wood stain surface will be utilized after the staining and our water-based stains are non-toxic and will not harm you or your family.


On larger projects, the long drying time can actually beneficial if you are worried about dried lap marks. The wood grain does not raise when it is applied so no additional sanding is necessary. However, the negative impacts of putting potentially dangerous chemicals onto the wood is enough to steer most of our customers towards our water-based options. These stains have the ability to leave a high quality, permanent stain that is completely non-toxic.