Concrete Stains

All EZ Stain Concrete Stains consist of non-toxic, zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We take great pride in the chemistry behind the creation of our products and are happy to share that they are the best quality, safest products you will find. All of our concrete stains are water-based and do not rely on dangerous acidic compounds to work. We also offer many colors to choose from and have the ability to create custom colors in certain circumstances. When used with our non-toxic cleaners and sealers, you can complete an entire concrete staining project without using any acid-based products. Our goal is to provide high quality results that keep our customers coming back and eliminate unneeded negative effects on people, animals and the planet.

Our stains penetrate porous concrete surfaces, react with the concrete, and bond together with it for a permanent high quality finish. If you would like to see some of our customers’ projects that utilized EZ Stain products, please check them out.

If you are considering a concrete stain project and want to test out a couple of colors before applying them to the entire area, click here for a 4oz. sample size of any colors you would like.