The EZ Stain Concrete Stain Kit includes a concrete Cleaner, Stain, and Sealer. The Concrete Stain Kit includes all of the required solutions for a successful concrete staining project. The amounts are designed to cover between 40-100 square feet for small to medium projects that will not require much in terms of materials.

We designed this package in order to avoid waste associated with purchasing large quantities of cleaners, stains and sealers. But, the EZ Stain Concrete Stain Kit is not only revolutionary in avoiding extra materials, that efficiency also results in lowered costs for those of you looking to take part in small to medium-sized projects without breaking the bank.

The cleaners, stains and sealers that are included in the EZ Stain Concrete Stain Kit is all made of the highest quality materials. Each product has been proven to produce fantastic, long-lasting results without the dangerous acids and other chemicals found in most concrete staining products today. This is the only place where you can find all three required Eco-friendly materials made by the same reputable company. Simply choose a color for the kit to start and then select the right surface area and cleaner type.

All products included in the EZ Stain Concrete Stain Kit is high-quality, non-toxic and water-based with absolutely zero VOCs. It is finally easy to purchase safe, thoughtful products that work well!

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