Can EZ Stain Be Used As a Pool Stain?

We have a lot of questions from our customers about whether or not EZ Stain products can be used as an underwater pool stain. The quick answer is no. We do not recommend it. If you apply it to the surface of the pool, it will look very good at first. However, the water and chemicals have a tendency to extract the stain from the surface after time. We have seen projects that resulted in splotches that are not desirable, so we say no to using it as a pool stain.

There are many features that make sense outside and around the pool though. In many cases, our clients create rock formations around the edges of the pool, or waterfalls flowing into the pool and those work very well. There are two reasons why this application is better: the near-pool elements are not under water at all times and they are easy to repair if there is some fading. So, we recommend using pool stain only in areas that are not under water 100% of the time, or are easy to get to in the case that you want to touch them up every year or two.

The example below is of a great water feature that our stains were used on. It has been getting wet for years now and still has no fading at all. So, if this is the look you are going for, our high-quality, non-toxic Products will certainly suit your needs.