What Does the EZ Stain Grand Re-Opening Mean for Customers?

EZ Stain has been making high quality stains since 2011. We have made some exciting changes since then and would like to share some of our recent successes with you here. During our EZ Stain Grand Re-Opening in late 2016, the most noticeable change was to our logo, labeling and marketing. After having discussions with many of our clients they pointed out that there was not a clear message to our customers about how important our focus on sustainability was. So, we began to focus on marketing those things that separated us from our competitors; our commitment to eco-friendly materials, sustainable shipping, and local manufacturing.

Eco-friendly Materials

During our EZ Stain Grand Re-Opening, we changed the labeling on our bottles to represent a more accurate picture of who we are as a company. We went from a very bold red and yellow logo to our blue, grey and green colors to represent the water and other safe materials that are used in our water-based stains. We also added more descriptions about what it means to be a zero VOC non-toxic product. We spent a long time engineering the right product mixes to ensure a high-quality and eco-friendly product and are proud to say that it should now be more clear to our customers that they can use EZ Stain products without harming people, animals or the planet.

Sustainable Shipping

When it comes to shipping, we all know how much CO² comes from the big rigs that haul around products. We considered this in the creation of our products and in our packaging. We decided to to sell our products as concentrates that can then be mixed at the project site in order to avoid the extra weight and space required for shipping the water. Also, we decided to change our bottles from the tall, cylindrical shape to a more compact F-style bottle that also reduces the volume of the packaging. Basically, we are no longer shipping extra water or air when we load our products onto a truck. As mentioned during our EZ Stain Grand Re-Opening campaign, we are doing our part to reduce waste in transport as much as we can.

Local Manufacturing

Shipping is a good starting point for creating sustainable products. But, with most products these days, we see them being created in the world’s factory (China) and then shipped across the Pacific Ocean in order to save money. However, that does not fit into our EZ Stain Grand Re-Opening strategy because there is too much waste involved in that unneeded travel. Also, we strongly support products that are made in the United States and helping to create American Jobs.

Hopefully, these important focal points of who we are can be seen even with a quick glance of our new look. We are happy to say that we provide high quality, sustainable, non-toxic products right here in the United States!

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EZ Stain Eco Friendly Concrete Stain