-Dan Ramos, Distinguished Pools

After using several products that were meant for swimming pool application we were met with all kinds of color failures within the first year washing out, fading etc.  Then you contact the manufacturer and your met with oh you did this wrong oh you did that wrong, everything but our product just sucks.
 Then we met Dean from EZ stain Have to admit I was very skeptical at the start but desperate for a product we gave it a shot.   A decision that would prove very beneficial for our company.  The product is very easy to use mixes with water and provides realistic hues that  make our already incredible features that much more realistic.  And the best part is no more calls saying hey what’s going on with my feature the color is all gone.
It’s a product well worth every penny.

Paul Breamer Testimonial

In My 40 years of experience, EZ Stain products are the best I have ever used because:

With the EZ Stain Color Pallet and Base Coat I can achieve ANY desired color.
The EZ Stain concentrates allow me to adjust color and consistency with water.

The Titanium White Base Coat Concentrate allows me to make opaque, semi-opaque and transparent base coats by just adding water AND ALSO allows me to tint with EZ Stain colored stains.

I haven’t found that with any other company’s products. After trying different sealer samples for almost a year, EZ Stain All Purpose Medium Gloss Clear Acrylic works the best for general sealing of rock features after staining but it also works the best under the water line in all applications.

A complete line of products that work.

Paul B., from Southern California