Water-Based Concrete Stains

During the planning phases, many people and companies have considered whether to choose a water-based concrete stain that utilizes a more environmentally friendly and technologically advanced list of ingredients or a more traditional acid-based concrete stain. In order to make this decision, we first recommend that you read a bit about why EZ Stain chooses to use a sustainable approach to this choice.

The more common acid-based concrete stain uses chemical reactions to basically bond the two entities together. There is a strong amount of lime in the concrete and the acid in these stains creates an actual chemical reaction between that and the metallic salts that make up the acid base of the stain. One primary flaw with these styles of stains are that there can be unsafe toxins that are created during the creation and even application process that are destructive to the environment and possibly even people and animals.

Water-based concrete stains, however, have the ability to remove all potential toxins as long as the chemistry of the product is consistent and transparent to leave those parts out of the final product. Also, the quality of the stain can be much higher than acid-based stains because during application changes to the color can be made without significant increases in the amount of product to be applied. There is also a layer of coating, since most are acrylics, as opposed to a changed concrete surface. Using water-based concrete stains can preserve natural looks and avoid fading. Take a look at some previous projects to see what the final outcomes look like.

The decision was clear for us and we hope for you as well. But, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us here.