EZ Stain Concrete Product Usage Chart

The following Concrete Product Usage Chart is designed to help our customers get an idea of how much of each product to use for a given area. The Concrete Product Usage Chart is an approximation, but should be applicable in most situations. If you have any specific questions about how to use the Concrete Product Usage Chart to measure your project or if you want information on using EZ Stain products with outside products, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

*Product Kits Available
EZ Stain Concrete Cleaner1 Gallon300 Sq/Ft or more
EZ Stain Concrete Stain1 Quart300 Sq/Ft or more
EZ Stain Concrete Sealer1 Gallon300 Sq/Ft or more

*Product kits can be ordered by contacting EZ Stain with your specific project needs. Then, we can assess the best value for you to get enough cleaner, stain and sealer to meet your demands without over ordering any of them.