Eco-Friendly Concrete Stain

What does it mean to have an Eco-Friendly Concrete Stain? Well, to us it means that we make a product that came from thoughtful intent not to create harm to the environment and prevent as much negative impacts to the environment as possible from our direct actions. This is truly the purpose of our how we make our products and how we live our lives. Conserving energy and preventing air and water pollution is a big piece of our mission.

Beyond eco-friendly concrete stain, we also encourage our customers and supporters to become as eco-friendly as possible. You can learn to consume items that have the smallest negative impacts as possible. And, you can take actions to reduce your own negative impact as well. Finally, supporting other people and businesses who live their lives in a sustainable manner.

Some of the things that EZ Stain does to serve the environment include manufacturing, packing, and shipping. When creating our eco-friendly concrete stain, we manufacture it in San Diego, CA and reduce shipping costs by not producing it in China like many of our competitors. Also, we use as little energy as possible during that process and are currently trying to organize solar power for our manufacturing operation.

We use the lightest possible packaging with the least amount of material as possible in order to protect our product during shipping. These bottles are designed to reduce the total amount of volume in shipping as we have moved to rectangular shaped bottles that stack well to reduce shipping any extra air on trucks. When packaging our materials we also make a conscious decision to send concentrates that can be mixed with water afterwards. This keeps us from shipping unnecessary water weight that would otherwise add to the CO² created from trucks during shipping.