The EZ Difference

High Quality

The most important EZ Difference to us is the fact that we make a high quality product. Unlike many concrete supply manufacturers, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. In fact, we have a money-back guarantee that is offered to customers that are unhappy with the quality of our products. We source all of our product components here in the United States and manufacture the solutions in-house. So, we can make sure that all EZ Stain products will have the high quality results that you have come to expect.


There are many concrete staining products on the market, but none that we have found match the quality and care put into creating safe products that work. The non-toxic EZ Difference is very dear to our hearts. As a young child, our owner was playing in a neighbor’s garage where his childhood friend got into some chemicals that highly toxic. Unfortunately, some of the chemicals were ingested and irreparable damage was done to the other child’s brain after consuming them. Because that small boy will never have the opportunity to live his life in the way him and his parents expected, we have made an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen to any other children. Our chemicals do not have any of the toxic acids that are found in the most common cleaners, stains and sealers. Our products contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are safe enough to be put on an airplane. Although ingesting our products is in no way safe, we have reduced as much risk to people, animals and the planet with our thoughtful chemistry.


The EZ Difference also includes another promise to the environment and people that inhabit it. For all of our bottling and labeling we use the least amount of excess material as possible. We also consider the shape of our bottles and packages in order to reduce shipping any extra air. This means that we can pack all products more efficiently and reduce CO² as much as possible. In order to further reduce CO² in shipping, we also sell our products as concentrates that can be mixed with water on the site of the project to reduce the volume and weight even further. Finally, we manufacture here in the US and are able to avoid any negative environmental impacts from the shipping of products from China. To learn more about if you are living a sustainable life, use this Calculator.